Love Calendar

Welcome to a new month!

This is a quick post all about love ❤ Kudos to The Dating Divas for this idea – they are genius! They posted a “Love Calendar” for August and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

What I love about it is that the calendar isn’t impossible. Some nights it says “She gets a foot massage” or “Leave him a love note on the mirror” and that’s it — easy. No one has time for extravagant dates every night and this calendar acknowledges that reality.

Originally I wanted to follow this calendar and post about it in September, creating a Love Calendar for September for y’all to print. However, I realized that it might be a little weird for the entire world to know about each and every one one of the dates I go on with Mr.Layland. So I scratched that idea.

I also thought – what’s the point of me making a calendar to share when I know not everyone wants to do the same dates as me?! So here’s the new plan:


I’m making my own calendar &  keeping it a secret!

Why not make your own? This way you can plan this month full of things you want to do! If you’ve been wanting to have a picnic – throw it on there! If you’ve been wanting to watch a foreign film – plan it! If you always mean to leave little notes and forget every time – schedule it for a day and make sure you remember!

Here is the printable version for my blank LOVE CALENDAR you can use to get started. Remember, this is all about love – not spending your last dime. Don’t forget to add things like my Take-Your-Pick date using coupons or an All-Day date including errands you would rather do together! As always, going on a walk together, giving each other back massages, going to bed early to talk and cuddle, and going along with that movie he loves but you hate – are always good ideas too!

If you’re looking for quick ideas consider writing a love note and leaving it in his car, texting him during the day just to say “I love you!” or sending him the link to a love song that is special to the two of you. I’m sure you’ll brighten his day!

That’s life with Mr.Layland & Me!

Snot Jeans, Social Media &The Honest Truth About Marriage

At 9 o’clock this morning I already had snot on my jeans.

I work as a full-time nanny and I hadn’t been around the kids for an hour before I had somebody else’s bodily fluids on my clothes. Awesome.



Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but kids aren’t always as cute as they are on Facebook. They cry and whine and get sick and that leaves you with absolutely no patience and a heck of a lot of snot.

To the mothers out there – kudos. Times a thousand. You’re doing the impossible.

In all of my non-snot-jeans free time, I’ve been thinking about two things: marriage & social media.

Technology seriously is amazing and makes it easier to keep in touch with family, friends, old roommates & classmates. In all the excitement of sharing pictures on Facebook and Instagram I think this idea of sharing has put a twist on marriage that is new to this generation.

Dates are interrupted to take a quick photo which is immediately posted to the cyber wall of “here’s the latest exciting thing I’m doing in my life”.

I know, because we do it too.


I never started this blog with the intention of pausing dates for pictures or getting stressed when Mr.Layland gets called into work because I have to find something new to write about instead of the fact that he’ll be gone. Sorry about that, honey.

I hope that these posts, especially about our dates, are helpful and give y’all some ideas to adopt in your own dating life. The dates we go on ARE fun and we have a great time together but other nights I’m in bed by 9:30!

Sometimes social media gives off this vibe that couples are only ever having fun and doing amazing things and you start to think, “they’re always so happy…why aren’t we that happy?”.

Don’t worry, every couple has issues and “days” and challenges. We just don’t usually post about those things. Marriage is less about the thrilling Facebook-worthy dates and more about that half a brownie your spouse brought home for you.


Marriage is more about those inside jokes that aren’t funny to anyone else but keep you close as a couple and make you laugh every time.


Marriage is about feeling comfortable enough to make silly faces and laugh together, especially when you’re not feeling like sunshine and rainbows.


And finally, marriage is about those sweet little texts you get during the day. The small reminders that your loved one is thinking of you and despite your insanity – is still planning on doing things with you in public.


So next time you see a post about how fantastic someone else’s life is and wonder where you and your snot covered jeans went wrong — just remember your own brownies and text messages and inside jokes ❤

That’s life with Mr.Layland & Me!


All Day Date

Every once in a blue moon I get the whole day with Mr. Layland. It only happens that often because we both work so much. Who decided that?

One day last week we both had work off so we planned to make the best of it. We each wrote down ideas for meals and activities and put those strips of paper into mason jars.

We pulled out three meals and then as many activities as we had time for. The first meal we chose was P.F. Chang’s…for breakfast. At that point we decided we could each replace one meal or activity if we would rather do something else. Needless to say, we didn’t have P.F. Chang’s for breakfast.

Before we got ready for the day we went for a swim! I love having a pool in the backyard – it’s a necessity in Arizona. Hands down.


The first place we went was a little place we like to call True Food. Everyone else calls it that too – we’re not special or anything. It’s a healthy, organic, “would you like some kale with that?” kind of place. It’s really good food but I wasn’t feeling the kale.

true food

We actually got the same thing: the Turkey Burger! Mr. Layland loved it and ate all the sweet potato hash I shared with him 😉 I have to say I love the flaxseed bun they make. It’s delicious!


I’ve also tried the Bison Burger and the BLT that’s made with tempeh and not bacon. My feedback? Well, it’s not bacon so…just know that if you’re looking for a real BLT this is not the place.

Next up: IKEA.

Neither of us had been before so we were in furniture heaven. We walked through the entire store (because you have to) and I was really impressed with the glass jars they have for baking supplies. I’m definitely ordering a few of those.

As we drove around we checked another thing off the list. Karaoke!


One of our favorite things to do is sing in the car. At the top of our lungs. Who doesn’t love that?! Our repertoire includes songs from Newsies, Ke$ha…and pretty much everything on the radio. We’re thinking about going pro.

It’s never a date with Mr.Layland unless some shopping is involved 🙂 We don’t have to buy anything but we have to check out the usuals — GAP and Banana Republic. He’s more of a GAP lover and I’m all about BR. They just get me.

We hit up the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and I have to say this room was the coolest thing there and about the only art I understood.


We looked at everything and had puzzled looks about 95% of the time.

Amazingly, we both wrote down car wash! Growing up we never went to the car wash so now I get excited like a four-year-old at Christmas when I get to take my car through the wash.


With a squeaky clean car we headed home, after a long and wonderful day together. It was then we realized that we had scheduled a meeting with some people from church and had totally forgotten about it! So we ran to the store, grabbed a healthy Newman’s Own frozen pizza and dashed home to tidy up.

We had our meeting, ate our pizza and ended the perfect day with a show!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday at work I came up with a fantastic date idea. It’s ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’ wedding themed date! I got the idea for the outfit choice from an anniversary date idea blog. Mr. Layland & I have been married for 7 months on Sunday so our 1st anniversary is still a few months away.

This idea would be better suited for an anniversary but I’m not the best at waiting when I come up with something fun to do. So we did it and had a great time!

I printed out a Welcome Home sign along with a description of two date ideas, one of which was this “Darling Date”. I set out a grey suit in the upstairs bathroom along with the tie Mr. Layland wore on our wedding day. He texted me his date choice (luckily it was this brand new date idea) while he was getting ready so I jumped into my wedding dress and forgot that it takes two people to actually zip into it. Ooops!

I had him come downstairs to help me and surprised him then with my outfit for the night. It was actually a really sweet moment ❤ Once I got situated in my dress we headed off to the Chick-fil-a drive thru! The high school kid at the window smiled when he saw my dress as if to say “Well! I know what story I’ll be telling all MY friends later!” As he gave Mr. Layland back his card he failed to suppress a huge smile as he asked, “So uhh…what are you guys up to tonight?” I giggled and Mr. Layland smiled and coughed a little then responded, “Oh ya know, just hanging out.”

Like this is a thing people do.

We took our dinner to the 5th level of a parking garage to look out at the city lights and take some pictures. I love the lights at night here. I haven’t spent much time outside since I moved to Arizona because of the heat but last night was lovely.

On our wedding day we stopped to take a walk around a park before the family luncheon so we drove there and recreated our walk. It was a nice chance to talk about the past 6 months and our feelings and expectations for the future. I can’t believe almost 7 months have gone by since that day we got married!

We both agreed we love each other more now than on our wedding day and I expect that love will continue to grow ❤

When we got home I made double chocolate fudge brownies and we watched Guys & Dolls. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and some good entertainment to finish off a wonderful and memorable night!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!