As-You-Go Date

Who doesn’t love presents!?! I came up with this idea because Mr. Layland’s birthday was last week and I was determined to do lots of fun things to celebrate the day!

I started off my posting his baby picture on Instagram. Not that that’s a requirement of this date but he was so darn cute as a baby I couldn’t help myself!

photo (2)

Isn’t he precious? I think it’s a fun idea – posting your spouse’s baby picture on their birthday – it shows more about their life than just a current picture. I posted that at midnight on the 14th to kick off the birthday festivities!

I got off work at 1 on Thursday and raced home to get ready. Our first stop?

The Studio Movie Grill.

We got in the car and Mr.Layland was dying to know where we were going first so I asked him to check the passenger flip-down mirror and out fell tickets to the movie!

I love chic flics as much as the next girl and luckily I married a man who will watch a few of them with me. Mr. Layland likes Legally Blonde and as luck would have it they were playing it last week for $2! Now, we have the movie so we could have just watched it at home but it was really fun to see it on the big screen. Not to mention we had the whole theater to ourselves 🙂

photo 2 (8)

When we got back to the car I gave Mr.Layland his next present – a baseball cap. When we went to North Carolina for my brother’s wedding my Dad let Mr. Layland borrow this black hat with a  white Nike swoosh on it. He loved it! So that’s the one I tracked down for him. I told him he would need it for the next activity.

When we got to the park I popped the trunk and asked Mr.Layland to go check out his next present.

A croquet set!

photo 4 (3)

I talked him out of buying it a few weeks ago because it was something I had in mind to buy him for his birthday. We pulled it out, put it together and went to town! A 2-player game of croquet is ridiculously fast – especially when you’re both older than seven.

Luckily, the weather wasn’t too hot that day and we found some trees to play under!

I let him win 😉

photo 5 (3)

Okay, not really. He let me go first and he still won. In my defense we weren’t playing by Hurst rules! If we had been I’m pretty sure I could have smoked him.

We both grew up with our families playing croquet but we have slightly different rules. Little did we know there are REAL rules for croquet – these aren’t just made up things! We also learned there’s an actual way to set up the wickets!?

I’m thinking we’re going to become pros. Real quick.

The weather wasn’t bad but it was still really hot. Our next stop was The Sugar Bowl in old town Scottsdale. Mr. Layland got a vanilla shake and I got a pineapple shake hoping it would be like a Dole Whip from Disneyland.

It wasn’t. It was still yummy though!

photo 3 (6)

We hung out there for a little while, debating whether or not the decorations were original or just old. It was a cute place – VERY pink. It definitely has an old timey feel with vintage stained glass and old cartoons around featuring The Sugar Bowl.

We were about 20 minutes from home so I gave Mr.Layland his next gift — an iTrip Transmitter. It hooks up to your car and allows you to play music from your phone through your radio! My parents got it for him. The whole way home Mr.Layland tried to figure it out but my radio doesn’t get the best reception so after lots of static we decided to try it again later.

photo 5 (5)

At this point all we had left was dinner but neither of us were really hungry so we just went home. We ended up going to Firehouse Subs around 8 p.m. so Mr. Layland could get his free sandwich!

It was such a fun day because instead of giving him presents all at once they coordinated with our activities and I think it made the whole day more fun. Of course, there’s not much that we don’t enjoy doing as long as we’re together so hopefully a date like this won’t be hard for y’all to plan either!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

Snot Jeans, Social Media &The Honest Truth About Marriage

At 9 o’clock this morning I already had snot on my jeans.

I work as a full-time nanny and I hadn’t been around the kids for an hour before I had somebody else’s bodily fluids on my clothes. Awesome.



Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but kids aren’t always as cute as they are on Facebook. They cry and whine and get sick and that leaves you with absolutely no patience and a heck of a lot of snot.

To the mothers out there – kudos. Times a thousand. You’re doing the impossible.

In all of my non-snot-jeans free time, I’ve been thinking about two things: marriage & social media.

Technology seriously is amazing and makes it easier to keep in touch with family, friends, old roommates & classmates. In all the excitement of sharing pictures on Facebook and Instagram I think this idea of sharing has put a twist on marriage that is new to this generation.

Dates are interrupted to take a quick photo which is immediately posted to the cyber wall of “here’s the latest exciting thing I’m doing in my life”.

I know, because we do it too.


I never started this blog with the intention of pausing dates for pictures or getting stressed when Mr.Layland gets called into work because I have to find something new to write about instead of the fact that he’ll be gone. Sorry about that, honey.

I hope that these posts, especially about our dates, are helpful and give y’all some ideas to adopt in your own dating life. The dates we go on ARE fun and we have a great time together but other nights I’m in bed by 9:30!

Sometimes social media gives off this vibe that couples are only ever having fun and doing amazing things and you start to think, “they’re always so happy…why aren’t we that happy?”.

Don’t worry, every couple has issues and “days” and challenges. We just don’t usually post about those things. Marriage is less about the thrilling Facebook-worthy dates and more about that half a brownie your spouse brought home for you.


Marriage is more about those inside jokes that aren’t funny to anyone else but keep you close as a couple and make you laugh every time.


Marriage is about feeling comfortable enough to make silly faces and laugh together, especially when you’re not feeling like sunshine and rainbows.


And finally, marriage is about those sweet little texts you get during the day. The small reminders that your loved one is thinking of you and despite your insanity – is still planning on doing things with you in public.


So next time you see a post about how fantastic someone else’s life is and wonder where you and your snot covered jeans went wrong — just remember your own brownies and text messages and inside jokes ❤

That’s life with Mr.Layland & Me!