Our Love Story

Our love story began without either of us knowing it.

Mr. Layland and I met on an absolutely freezing night in Idaho. I was trying to understand Finding Nemo in Spanish and he was dropping by a friend’s apartment for a quick minute. I just so happened to be in that apartment. We were briefly introduced and wouldn’t see each other again for four years. Little did we know we would end up getting married!

A few years went by with absolutely no contact and no thought of the other when our love story found me in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was a missionary on Temple Square for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It was there that Mr.Layland contacted me for the first time in over three years. He wrote me a letter re-introducing himself, saying that he enjoyed reading the updates I wrote home to family and friends. Over the next year or so we wrote letters back and forth, mostly about mission experiences and family.

When I got home in February 2012 it was two months of us calling for hours and texting late into the night before we met in person again.

Call me crazy but right before Mr.Layland was getting ready to come pick me up for our first date, I told him he was the only guy I had seriously thought about marrying. Yeah, I’m really bad at keeping my own secrets. That night we went to Coldstone where he learned that I was an “ice cream purist”…basically I just wanted cake batter ice cream – no mix-ins. We got Coldstone on our honeymoon too, to commemorate our first date. Precious, I know. After that first date things moved pretty quickly and within a week we were officially a couple.

Life throws you curve balls when you least expect it and that was definitely a time when I least expected it. Already a long story short: after that first month we wouldn’t be in the same city for the next year. Long-distance is tough. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder but for us it just made things more complicated. Eventually, we ended up breaking up…and getting back together…twice.

But eventually, we decided that if this was going to work we needed to be in the same place. Before I knew it I had arranged to take my last semester of college online and moved to Arizona! A month went by and before I knew it, we were engaged & three months later we got married!

So that’s Mr.Layland & Me.


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