Minimalism + a Toddler: Beauty

Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty blogger and this post isn’t sponsored. This is probably the only makeup related post I’ll ever write – so enjoy!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mother it’s that we all do things differently. And by “things” I mean literally everything that goes into being a parent, including how we get ready in the morning!

Have you ever gone through all your makeup to pack the essentials for a trip? When I reviewed my makeup that’s what I wanted to keep at the end. Just the essentials.


I didn’t have a large makeup collection to begin with but after getting rid of duplicates, replacing broken items, and tossing anything I didn’t use regularly I still had too many items for my personal taste.

Here are my two favorite new discoveries to replace the clutter.

A friend posted about this Maybelline SuperStay Lip Color and after applying it for the first time I happily got rid of every other lipstick I owned. All you need is a thin layer of gloss with the lip balm on top and you’re set for the day. No stinging, no clumping, no exfoliating, and no losing your separate gloss only to realize your toddler drank the rest of it. True story. I’ve been wearing Blush On for almost two weeks and I love it!

My other new favorite is the Maskara makeup palette. She’s created a compact to hold foundation, contour, blush and highlight. You can replenish the magnetic singles as you use them so there is minimal waste, it’s completely customizable, and it’s all in one place!


They sell a double compact which can also hold eyeshadows…so once I find an eye shadow I like I might have to upgrade. I’ve been using it since Christmas and I have to say it’s been so nice to have everything in one compact!

Last but not least — let’s talk nails. I’ve always loved doing my nails and a few years ago got into doing gel nails on my own. Once I had Calvin I didn’t make the time for it and my supplies sat unused. I switched over to essie Gel Couture nail polish and have stuck with it for almost two years! I typically wear Fairy Taylor (the neutral color) since it goes with absolutely everything but if I’m feeling more adventurous I’ll switch over to one of the reds.


The biggest takeaway when it comes to minimalism is that, just like parenting, it’s different for everyone. If having a makeup collection brings you joy then my suggestion is to throw away anything that is broken or expired and make the most of what you keep!

I’m loving my simplified makeup routine and love having less clutter even more!


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