The Reality of City Life

We have officially lived in Hoboken for six months! To say time has flown by would be an understatement but I feel like life in general is passing by way too quickly.

I blame Calvin. I also blame him for the six new white hairs on my head…probably because he still calls me “dada”. It’s a good thing he’s so cute!


So is living an urban lifestyle really that different from living in the suburbs? Uh yes. So far nothing has made us want to move back though! It’s been a positive change and we’re really happy with where we’re at.

Here’s how we’re making it work!



Parking is complicated in Hoboken and expensive no matter where you go in the area. I wanted to keep our car when we moved (to make the transition a little easier) and I’m glad we did because not only can I parallel park like a boss but we’re also experts on the rules and regulations of parking in Hoboken.

Parking in a lot can cost up to $350/month so we opted for the $15/year street parking. Since Brandon takes the train to work and I wasn’t planning on using the car that much this worked out great.

We sold Brandon’s car before moving to New Jersey and as we got closer to 260k miles on my car it started having more and more issues. After we settled in here we were only using the car once a week so we decided to sell it. I frankly LOVE not dealing with repairs, insurance, and needing to re-park it every week. I take the bus or light rail most places and if we need a car for a roadtrip we can rent one from a block away. Selling our car removed a huge hassle in my life and it’s been great so far! As long as we’re in this area I don’t see us buying a new car.


In-unit laundry is rare here and unfortunately you’re lucky to find an apartment building that has laundry in the basement like ours. The first weekend we moved in we had NO clean laundry and couldn’t find where to put money on our laundry card so we discovered something that has changed my life & I never want to go back.

Same-day laundry service with free pick-up + delivery.

Most laundry places around here do Wash/Dry/Fold and provide free delivery. One of the vans I’ve seen around says, “Imagine a life with no laundry” and let me tell you, it’s pretty sweet. We have a scheduled time every week where someone picks up our two bags of laundry and returns eight hours later with beautiful, clean laundry that’s still warm. Yes, it’s the best thing in the world.


We initially ordered our groceries through Amazon Fresh but the produce wasn’t staying good long enough and we were throwing away too much food. I started getting our produce from Trader Joe’s and eventually make the switch to shopping for everything there.

Having Calvin come with me actually makes grocery shopping more convenient because I load everything into the stroller basket underneath his seat or hang it from the handle. While I’m shopping I do have to keep in mind my limited space but I’ve been surprised at how much I can fit into that basket! All the heavy things go down below while the lighter things stay in the bags. I bring the reusable bags and wrap the handles around the stroller handle so it carries most of the weight. Trader Joe’s is only three blocks away so it actually works out really nicely!

It also helps that the workers at Trader Joe’s are genius at bagging your groceries.


Calvin loves every form of public transportation so taking it with him is easy. He waves at the drivers and even hailed a taxi last week — he was just copying Brandon but I love hailing taxis so I was proud of my little city kid!

Learning how to navigate public transportation has been challenging but it makes me feel accomplished when I successfully navigate my way around. Each system has it’s own quirks but once you get the hang of it, having access to public transportation is fantastic! We have a bus stop at the end of our block which gets us into NYC in about 10 minutes.  The ferry terminal is a 5 minute walk from our place and if it wasn’t $9/person I would take the ferry into the city every time because it’s only a 6 min ride, it’s super convenient with a stroller, and it’s I think it’s so fun!

I’m still not a master of the Subway but I can get to the Upper West Side on my own which is where Central Park, Levain Bakery, the LDS Manhattan Temple, and the Natural History Museum are — so the essentials 🙂





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