Minimalism + a Toddler: Multi-Use Items

My favorite multi-purpose items!

One of the best things we’ve done in an attempt to have a more minimalist lifestyle is to review what we own and decide if there’s a more efficient way it could be used or if multiple things could be replaced by one item.

Here are four items we love and intentionally chose because of their functionality!

LIVING ROOM COUCH + STORAGE + GUEST BED 7516777776-IMG-2791 (1)7516777776-IMG-2790 (1)

I love our couch. We used to have a large couch and loveseat set from IKEA that took up our entire living room when we lived in Madison. We decided to look for something that made more sense in smaller spaces and opted for this couch + our yellow wingback chair.

I picked this one out based on the look but when I realized it pulls out for an easy guest bed – I was sold. It’s also fun for movie nights since there’s plenty of room for the whole family and then it’s a super easy clean up when you’re done!

7583898320-IMG-2835 (1)

The chaise provides easy-access storage for games, blankets, and spare bedding.We also have two twin air mattresses that we store in the chaise – it stores an impressive amount of stuff! When we have guests over everything we need is right there IN the couch and it goes right back in the morning. Easy setup, easy clean up!




7583898320-IMG-2815 (1)

After buying three sets of cutting boards in four years this was one area I thought we could use some serious improvement in. Why have a small, medium, and large cutting board when you can honestly just use one large cutting board for ALL your needs?

I happily parted ways with our multiple cutting boards when I found this beauty on Amazon! And yes, we got rid of our colander as well. The collapsible colander works great standing on it’s own but it also locks into place so you can use the cutting board over your sink and rinse what you need to right there. And so far, it hasn’t been a problem to just have ONE cutting board.



Mr. Layland actually picked this out, I took some convincing but I’m glad we went with it. We knew that we were going to use a dresser as Calvin’s changing table so we could use it long-term but this design is more functional than we were originally looking for and it’s been awesome!

I use the right basket as his clothes hamper, two of the drawers hold his clothes, the bottom drawer holds extra wipes, his second set of sheets, and spare towel. The top drawer is where I keep all his diapers, lotion, hygiene items, socks, etc. The left basket currently stores his blankets and any 2T/3T clothes we have.




We got this hamper when we moved to Hoboken and it has been exactly what we needed. We chucked our ironing board and old broken hampers and fell in love with this sturdy bad boy. I can’t say enough good things about it…and if you’re in a similar situation to us I would seriously consider adding it to your home!

It actually comes with three baskets…but a certain someone got into one of the baskets and ripped one of the sides from top to bottom. So that’s currently in the “fix this” pile.


The baskets have super strong handles so the individual bags are well supported from the top and they are easy to carry when doing laundry. My biggest concern when we decided to order it was the shape of the ironing board. Since the traditional ironing board comes to a point at the end I was worried this wouldn’t be as functional – but it’s been fine! The wheels lock into place so it’s sturdy and sits where it’s supposed to.


So that’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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