How to Love Your Tiny Apartment

After living in Arizona for a few years I needed a change of pace (and weather) and that’s how we ended up in New Jersey! We lived in Madison for a year and a half in a small 1 bedroom + den and really enjoyed it but we ended up in Hoboken or NYC most weekends and loved the idea of an urban lifestyle.

We casually looked at apartments for a full year in the Hoboken/Jersey City area because when Brandon and I go apartment hunting we go full-on HGTV. We make pro-con lists, do a TON of research, and talk each other’s ears off about each one we see. By some miracle we find apartments that work for both of us and eventually we found this apartment in Hoboken! We saw it in the last week of June and by Aug 1 we were all moved in and thrilled with our new home.


Everything I read about urban living said the lack of square footage could be made up in great natural light + high ceilings. Since I spend a good portion of the day at home with Calvin and I also work remotely, having those two things made the top of my list! I love the light we get through our windows every morning, it makes everything feel fresh.

I fell in love with this apartment the moment we stepped through the doorway and by the time we made it to the second bedroom we were both sold.




It’s been the perfect fit for all three of us!

The high ceilings and windows make our limited space feel surprisingly open. It’s exactly what we needed and even on those cloudy, rainy days (or maybe especially on those days) I’m so glad we found a home with such wonderful light.

If you’re in the market for a tiny apartment, here’s my two cents: don’t let limited space scare you! Find a place with high ceilings and great natural light and hopefully you’ll love your home as much as we love ours.


So, that’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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