Beauty Hacks for New Moms

Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience of my entire life. From the moment the doctor told me to open my eyes and take my son in the delivery room I fell head over heels in love with him.


Calvin is pretty much an angel child but something I didn’t anticipate was being completely okay with putting ALL of his needs before my own. He’s just so darn cute that it’s way more fun to watch him sleep than go take a shower, or a nap.

I remember when Calvin was 2 weeks old I got out of the shower and heard him crying in his swing – like really crying. That was the first time I had heard him cry like that, where they still make those little gasping sounds while they calm down. It broke my heart and in that moment I swore off showers for the rest of my life.

Not really, but I seriously considered it for a second.

Taking care of yourself can go out the window pretty quickly as a new mom. Every baby is different and every woman approaches motherhood differently so it goes without saying that some moms don’t need these hacks – they’ve got it together. Pretty sure those moms are also imaginary.

But if you’re not imaginary and you’re very much real, here are five beauty must-haves I’ve discovered make life a little easier.

Makeup Removing Wipes

As a brand new mom my days and nights blurred together for a while so my nightly routine went out the window. Several brands market makeup removing wipes but I prefer Neutrogena. These wipes make it easy to clean your face before you hit the hay for a few hours or when you realize the next morning that you look like you were partying all night when in fact you were just trying to keep your little human being alive.

You’re doing great, by the way. Keep it up.

Tinted Moisturizer


Of all the time-saving products out there I think tinted moisturizer is genius. Pregnancy did a number on my skin so if I’m meeting up with someone or going to church I still use my separate lotion and foundation but for an every day natural look, this works! The 2-in-1 product is every mother’s best friend.


Dry Shampoo

I didn’t think to use dry shampoo until Calvin was almost 3 months old! Let me save you the hassle – do it. Buy it, use it and love the fact that if you don’t manage to shower that day your hair won’t look like a bird’s nest. Unless that’s what you’re going for.


Now that your face is clean, skin tone evened out, and your hair is on point it’s time to bust out those lashes! Your eye lashes might feel like the only asset you have left after having a baby. Recovering can be emotionally hard too, so feeling great about the way you look doesn’t always come easily. Mascara is a staple for me because I feel like as long as your hair isn’t insane, your lashes are defined and your baby is still alive — you’re doing pretty darn good for a new mom.

Essie Nail Polish

essieGorgeous nails are the icing on my beauty cake. I realized pretty soon after having Calvin that getting a predictable hour to myself wasn’t going to happen. So I’m crazy about Essie’s Gel Couture nail polish! In 30 minutes you can have fabulous nails that last for 2 weeks! So far I’ve stuck with a neutral color because it goes with whatever I end up wearing that day. If I actually get dressed.

Calvin is 4 months old now and I’m proud to say that most days I take a shower and seldom do I sit there and watch him sleep. He’s great at napping in his crib and I’m great at getting stuff done! Mostly.


Anyways, if you’re a soon-to-be mom or just became one, CONGRATS!!!!!! it’s the best thing in the world! Get ready to love someone more than you ever thought you could.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and don’t worry – it gets easier!


So that’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

Fall in the Northeast

I should be folding laundry right now but decided to write a quick update instead. I’ve been so busy with freelancing, taking care of the house, and soaking up every minute with Calvin while he’s awake – it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day! Despite all the insanity, I really love my life.

Fall in the Northeast is absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving the cooler weather and watching the leaves change has been so amazing! We practically live in the city on the weekends and I have to say I really prefer this time of year in NYC.


This past weekend we took the Staten Island ferry across the bay to Manhattan and counted that as visiting the Statue of Liberty. Neither of us have a strong desire to actually go to the island right now so floating right by it was perfect!

The Statue of Liberty really is just a statue on a pedestal. You think it’s going to be so much bigger – like the size of a skyscraper bigger – but it’s not. We were going to check out Governor’s Island but on our way there we realized it’s only open during the summer. I guess we’ll just have to add it to the list for next year!

Two weekends ago we switched things up a bit and instead of going into the city we actually drove out to Connecticut for the Hartford temple open house.


If you live out this way you should definitely go! It’s open to the public and tours are free. The New England theme makes it feel like it has always been there.

My friend Aubree (who trained me on my mission) lives in CT and invited us to stay with them for the weekend. We had the best time going through the temple, apple picking & just getting to hang out with their cute family. Calvin loved licking the apple I gave him…we might start trying solids soon!


Aubree has a photography business and takes amazing pictures. After she took a few pictures of Calvin it made me want to buy my own camera & set up camp in that orchard! Needless to say, it was a fun weekend for all of us!


We ended up liking Stayman and Empire apples the best so we bought a few pounds along with some fudge and apple cider doughnuts from the market. When we got home Mr. Layland made an apple pie and I used this recipe to make apple sauce. I think we might have a new fall tradition!

Calvin is 4 months old and so close to sitting up on his own, it’s really exciting. He learns new tricks all the time — his latest thing is growling. Yes, growling. It’s so hilarious! The pediatrician said he’s discovering that he can make different sounds. She also said he might start to make an eagle screeching sound soon. That should be fun.

I hit the jackpot last week when it comes to baby toys. Check it out.

All for free! My friend Shawna texted me one morning saying someone down the road had a bunch of baby stuff out in front of their house. I was just about to leave for the store so I took a detour and ended up taking all of this home! Everything was in almost perfect condition so after a gentle wash everything was good to go.

So Calvin basically had Christmas this week 🙂

I recently became a Level 2 Seller on which was a personal triumph I’m really proud of. But it means I have been busier than normal. I typically have one or two projects at a time but at one point last week I had 12! Luckily, I can work while Calvin naps and get a good amount done.

The drive to church this week was especially relaxing and beautiful. I love that you can drive from the city and within an hour be passing fields with hay bails and cows. Moving to New Jersey has been one of the best adventures of my life.


Happy Fall everyone! Here’s to hoping your weather is just as gorgeous and that your baby sleeps for 9 hours straight like mine did last night. No idea how that happened so I’m just going with it.


So that’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!