Date Night at the Batting Cages

One night we were driving around Scottsdale running a few errands and Mr. Layland suggested we go to the batting cages sometime. He loves baseball and I love eating food while other people work out, so going to a baseball game together worked out pretty well the first time. I figured the batting cages could be fun!

Just a few days later he texted me “batting cages tonight?” and suddenly this feeling of dread swept over me. Why did I say yes? I’ve never been the batting cages! I’m going to be so embarrassing – the last time I used a bat was more than 10 years ago!!!

So I grew up and we went.

photo 1


Isn’t he adorable? He went first so I could see how it’s done and then I hit softballs instead baseballs. Softballs are bigger which meant less embarrassing moments for me!

I had a blast! The best part was that it makes for a super cheap date night — it’s only $1.50 for 18 pitches and about halfway through my second round I was done. We did also ride the go-carts 🙂 It was a night full of firsts for me so we had to! Mr. Layland won and my little go-cart stalled on the last lap so needless to say, I didn’t win.

We had such a great night really just playing together ❤


So that’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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