Floating Shelves

We’ve been settling into our new apartment for the past month or so and we’re finally wrapping things up! This wall only had the one big picture and looked a little empty so I figured I could add a little pizzaz to our set up.

photo 2 (8)


I got these floating shelves at Target and I absolutely love them. I was concerned about hanging anything too heavy so these were the perfect solution. I’ve been quite the handy-woman lately, assembling end tables, lamps, and china cabinets (all to come) so this was just one of many hammer & nail projects.

I mentioned in my Mr & Mrs post about how Young House Love suggests hanging pictures but I found a different way that works a little better for me. Painters tape!

photo 3 (3)


I assembled everything on the floor and measured out the middle of the couch then put a line of tape down the middle to measure from there. I hung the temple picture then put the strips of tape where the floatings shelves were supposed to go.

The great thing about using painters tape is that once you put in your nails or screws you can leave the tape there and you won’t see it! So sneaky!

photo 1 (8)


I’m not totally convinced about the picture arrangements I have on the shelves but I had other things to do with my life so I decided to leave it like this…and maybe I’ll get some inspiration later šŸ™‚

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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