Love You

I went through a phase of doing just about everything you can to invent something with a frame and here’s one of them! I actually really love it and thought it turned out great.

Mr. Layland loves games so this idea with the Scrabble letters had a certain personal meaningfulness to it too.

photo 2 (3)

I sealed the frame to the paper inside with super glue then secured the Scrabble letters in place. The red heart is made out of felt – it took me a while to get the right size. Once everything is in place and dry I filled the frame with resin.

It made certain parts of the Scrabble letters darker in some spots…not sure why but other than that the end result was perfect! It’s like glass formed around the letters which is pretty awesome. It took several hours to dry but it was worth it! I love this decoration because it’s super cute without being too mushy 🙂 Who doesn’t love that?!

With Valentine’s Day coming up in a few weeks this might be a little DIY project to consider customizing for your loved one!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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