Mr & Mrs

We moved the week before Christmas but because of the holidays and family being in town we weren’t home much. I’m finally getting around to all the final touches and this project is one of my favorites.

I saw something like this on Pinterest and absolutely loved it. I wanted a creative way to display our wedding pictures and thought the block letters added just the right touch!

photo 1 (1)

I got the block letters at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them black. We actually used them as decorations at our wedding reception so it’s fun to have it as a permanent part of our home.

There’s honestly not much to tell with this little project, just that there are a few more holes in the wall than there are pictures ūüôā One¬†recommendation from Young House Love¬†that makes hanging pictures a lot easier is to tape paper to the wall to mimic the arrangement you want. That way you can move the “pictures” around and play with it until you find the right set up. When your papers are in the right place you put the nail through the paper, tear it off, and hang the picture!

Genius idea. Sadly, I was a little too excited this morning and a little too lazy to actually do that. Maybe next time I’ll be more exact but for now it works for me!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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