Gold Dot Swaddle Blanket

Mr. Layland is from Arizona and because I love him so dearly – we live on the surface of the sun πŸ™‚ Luckily, even the surface of the sun has it’s “cooler” times and I am very please to announce that those days are getting closer!

Despite the heat subsiding a little bit I wanted to try my hand at making this blanket that is designed for those not-so-cuddly times. This swaddle blanket is designed to be light and airy so it’s ideal for use as a cover-up, a swaddling blanket, or just to cover the stroller from the sun. If you’re looking for a thick, cozy quilt – this isn’t it.

photo 1(6)

This fabric is bamboo cotton which is unbelievably soft. I’m so in love with it and the little boys I used to nanny love it too! I stamped on the gold dots using multi-purpose metallic paint and a unique circle stamp that I’m keeping a secret πŸ™‚

photo 2(5)

Typically my projects are for me but I don’t have a baby to swaddle – so if you have kids or want a unique baby shower gift you can buy them below.Β I’m selling the gold dot blankets for $15 and am open to suggestions for custom stamps and colors!

That’s life with Mr.Layland & Me!


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2 thoughts on “Gold Dot Swaddle Blanket

    • The design stays really well. Obviously it hasn’t been used much since I just made it but I’ve babysat kids with this style of blanket and they hold the color for a long while! I’ve added a “Buy Now” button to make ordering easy πŸ™‚

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