Modern Dresser Makeover

Finally, our bedroom is box-free and even has a sense of style thanks to my new chair! I’ve been on the hunt for a solid, not-too-shabby dresser that I could re-do to complete the room and it’s been tough! After several weeks of shopping I finally found a dresser last week for $25 at Goodwill!


I wanted to get it all done in one day but I got home and realized that was crazy so I spaced it out over three days. The first day I bought the dresser and I went to Hobby Lobby to find drawer pulls. Hobby Lobby always has cute stuff so I figured picking out drawer pulls would be easy! Nope.


Even with all those options I wasn’t jazzed by any of them! I was so surprised – I thought for sure I would find something there! They were all cute but just…not quite right. I took a lap around the store and came back and still wasn’t in love with any of them so I ended up asking Mr. Layland for his feedback.

He had a completely different idea and I loved it so he actually picked out the drawer pulls 🙂 So glad he has opinions about little things like drawer pulls!


I have been under the impression that spray painting is a thousand times faster than painting by hand – it’s not. I got as far as the drawer fronts and the top of the dresser when I ran out of paint and ended up at Home Depot. Surprise, surprise I walked away with a can of fast-drying paint and a sponge brush!

The weirdest thing happened when I got home. I opened up my little can and it was blue! Yes – blue. For whatever reason I was beyond caring and slapped some of the blue paint on the side of the dresser to see what would happen. Amazingly enough it dried black! Not even kidding! Anyone know why?

I finished off my project a new believer in painting by hand 🙂 Our drawers are all organized and I love it!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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