Gold Dot Swaddle Blanket

Mr. Layland is from Arizona and because I love him so dearly – we live on the surface of the sun ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily, even the surface of the sun has it’s “cooler” times and I am very please to announce that those days are getting closer!

Despite the heat subsiding a little bit I wanted to try my hand at making this blanket that is designed for those not-so-cuddly times. This swaddle blanket is designed to be light and airy so it’s ideal for use as a cover-up, a swaddling blanket, or just to cover the stroller from the sun. If you’re looking for a thick, cozy quilt – this isn’t it.

photo 1(6)

This fabric is bamboo cotton which is unbelievably soft. I’m so in love with it and the little boys I used to nanny love it too! I stamped on the gold dots using multi-purpose metallic paint and a unique circle stamp that I’m keeping a secret ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 2(5)

Typically my projects are for me but I don’t have a baby to swaddle – so if you have kids or want a unique baby shower gift you can buy them below.ย I’m selling the gold dot blankets for $15 and am open to suggestions for custom stamps and colors!

That’s life with Mr.Layland & Me!


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Mums the Word

Mums are also flowers ๐Ÿ™‚ I bought SIX this weekend and I’m already in love with them. They’re such nice looking flowers and are easy to take care of, which is what I’m all about when it comes to plants.

photo 1 (18)

Look at them, don’t you feel happier already? They’re right outside my front door and I love looking at them when I leave for work – so much better than looking at my dead tomato plant. I also bought a rosemary plant!

photo 3 (15)

I love putting rosemary on anything Italian that I come up with in the kitchen so I’m super excited to grow my own! I failed with the tomatoes so I figured I try growing herbs – much easier. So far, so good! It’s been 4 days and I haven’t killed it yet!

My sister-in-law gave me this “Grow Your Own” kit for my birthday so I planted that as well and it’s coming along nicely. It’ll grow up to be a Grape Lily if I don’t kill it first ๐Ÿ™‚ I only planted the one bulb so I hope this little green, leafy guy is what’s supposed to be growing in there.


I knew when I moved here that gardening wouldn’t be the same as it was when I was a kid but it’s been fun so far to figure out what works and what doesn’t work! I’ve also learned that it’s really important to pay attention to when certain plantsย shouldย andย shouldn’t be planted. Like tomatoes in July ๐Ÿ™‚

All-About-Him Date Idea

I’ll admit it – a lot of the date ideas I come up with are activities I really want to do. Usually we have a great time together but I know there are certain things Mr. Layland would prefer to do that I wouldn’t voluntarily plan. I decided to create a date night all about Mr. Layland and things he loves doing!


For whatever reason I have never…ever ever ever ever enjoyed playing Monopoly. I used to play with my brother when we were kids and I hated it then! Probably because I knew no matter what I would lose. Not much has changed.

Mr. Layland loves playing Monopoly so I decided to suck it up and initiateย a game of Monopoly. He was understandably surprised and excited ๐Ÿ™‚ His favorite show is Friends and I honestly don’t mind it so I suggested we watch a few episodes. We had a great time, I laughed, and Mr. Layland was very happy!

This idea doesn’t take a lot of planning – just pick one or two things that you know your significant other enjoys and offer to do it together!

Modern Dresser Makeover

Finally, our bedroom is box-free and even has a sense of style thanks to my new chair! I’ve been on the hunt for a solid, not-too-shabby dresser that I could re-do to complete the room and it’s been tough! After several weeks of shopping Iย finally found a dresser last week for $25 at Goodwill!


I wanted to get it all done in one day but I got home and realized that was crazy so I spaced it out over three days. The first day I bought the dresser and I went to Hobby Lobby to find drawer pulls. Hobby Lobby always has cute stuff so I figured picking out drawer pulls would be easy! Nope.


Even with all those options I wasn’t jazzed by any of them! I was so surprised – I thought for sure I would find something there! They were all cute but just…not quite right. I took a lap around the store and came back and still wasn’t in love with any of them so I ended up asking Mr. Layland for his feedback.

He had a completely different idea and I loved it so he actually picked out the drawer pulls ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad he has opinions about little things like drawer pulls!


I have been under the impression that spray painting is a thousand times faster than painting by hand – it’s not. I got as far as the drawer fronts and the top of the dresser when I ran out of paint and ended up at Home Depot. Surprise, surprise I walked away with a can of fast-drying paint and a sponge brush!

The weirdest thing happened when I got home. I opened up my little can and it was blue! Yes – blue. For whatever reason I was beyond caring and slapped some of the blue paint on the side of the dresser to see what would happen. Amazingly enough it dried black! Not even kidding! Anyone know why?

I finished off my project a new believer in painting by hand ๐Ÿ™‚ Our drawers are all organized and I love it!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

Chevron Makeup Bag

Look familiar? I sure hope not! This bag is one-of-a-kind and incredibly useful. You can design it to fit your personal style based on the fabric and zipper color you choose. If you’ve never been on I would highly recommend it. I also have a few basic suggestions when it comes to choosing your fabric for this project.


First, if you’re OCD about lines or prints matching up perfectly, choose wisely.

Second, this Chevron fabric is a cotton canvas “outdoor fabric”. Contrary to what you might think, it’s fairly easy to work with! It’s sturdier than regular cotton and more durable which is great since the final product is something you would use everyday.

The style is the same as the zipper pouch I posted but two things are different. This makeup bag is a few inches bigger and the inside is PUL (water resistant) fabric!

Can you say #genius?

photo 5 (9)

Let’s face it, makeup can be messy. Eye shadow containers open up and compressed powder doesn’t always stay compressed. My moisturizer has exploded more than once on a trip and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This bag will prevent those bound-to-happen messes from being a bigger hassle than they need to be.

I actually didn’t measure my fabric. I tried fitting all my make up in the smaller zipper pouch and realized I need a few more inches. I laid out my zipper pouch on this new fabric and estimated rectangles a few inches bigger. No matter what size you want it to be make sure the outer fabric and PUL fabric are the same size.

photo (9)

Put the right sides together, sandwiched over the zipper. The zipper should be face down on the outer fabric. Pin and sew along the zipper. Again with the right sides facing each other, sandwich the fabric over the two other pieces of fabric and zipper. Pin and sew along the zipper.

*Open the zipper!!!*

Pin outer fabrics together and inner fabrics together leaving a 4 inch hole on the inner fabric. Sew around the edge and trim the corners. Flip the bag inside out and sew up the hole. I sew along the entire edge to give it a sleek look.

photo 1 (14)

I’ve already used this bag a few times and it works really well. No explosions yet though so it hasn’t been completely tested ๐Ÿ™‚ The PUL fabric is machine washable so you can toss the whole bag in with your laundry! Happy day!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

Anthropologie Copy Cat Mug

Once upon a time when I lived in a land with normal weather I loved drinking hot chocolate and apple cider in the Fall ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a thing for mugs so it all worked out perfectly. I’ve resisted doing this particular project because it’s still a thousand degrees outside and I’d rather do the Ice Bucket Challenge than drink hot chocolate.

But I finally gave in and made this mug.


I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m shopping I come across a skirt or a painted rolling pin or a mug that I think “I could totally make this and save myself $100!”ย It happens a lot when I go to Anthropologie.

I went in there one time with Mr. Layland and we found these paper mache lemons meant to be arranged as a centerpiece. Not only could I do it but I bet our 5 year-old niece could have made those. So that’s when I finally thought, why not give it a go?


No, this is not a lovely lemon centerpiece — mostly because I don’t want a lemon centerpiece ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the mug at Walmart for less than $2 and I got the Sharpies at Fry’s for $6.99. When your design is complete bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and the color should withstand hand washing. This is the Arboretum set at Anthropologie…I’m considering completing my copy cat set so keep a look out for that in a couple of weeks.


Now I can put all my time and energy into making a million cheap and adorable mugs. If you get one for Christmas…just forget I put the price on here – it’s really from Anthropologie and it cost me a fortune!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

Fancy Apron

First off, I just want to admit that I know this isn’t the most practical apron.


That’s not the point. The point is for it to be semi-functional and SUPER cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Which it totally is. Mission accomplished. This apron is for my sister who is in Honduras right now as a missionary. Yes, her name is Elena and yes the “n” looks a little weird but that’s what you get for embroidering a name for the first time!


I started with a basic white apron you can find in most stores like Target or Walmart. I covered the apron in white lace, pinned it and cut around the edge. Then I sewed it in place. It’s primarily because of the lace that this apron really isn’t practical.

Can you imagine getting flour and crumbs and spaghetti sauce on that lace?! She sure will look cute while she cooks though! Maybe this can be more for those times when she’s not really going crazy in the kitchen but needs a little a lovely lace apron as an added precaution. Who knows.

I made the bow out of this salmon-pink lace I had and sewed that onto the side. I tried putting it in the middle and it just looked weird so I went with the bow-on-the-side look instead. I think it accents the whole look very well.

photo 3 (11)

The name. Oh boy. The name took me a while and yes I did try it out first on my machine. I’d show you the picture of how that turned out but then you would never stop laughing and this is as far as you would get in my post. So I’ll save that for another time ๐Ÿ™‚

I wrote out her name with a colored pencil and then sewed like this llllllllllll along the traced line! I used embroidery floss starting at the “e” which was a smart move because ain’t nobody got time to sew that whole name with just thread!

Once she gets it I’ll update the post with a picture!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!