Snow Monster

I worked at Learning Express a thousand years ago and we used to sell these “Ugly Dolls” that were quite hideous little stuffed monsters. The toy sparked an idea and I thought I would try making my own little monster!

photo 5

The fabric pretty much chose the type of monster for me – how can it not be a little snow monster? It’s so fuzzy and white! I’m planning on sending it to my sister who is on her mission in Honduras. I know she’ll like it but I thought there might be a little girl where she lives that could really use a new fun toy and Elena could share it with her.

For starters, I traced around my hand, with my pinky & thumb sticking out from the rest of my fingers. The monster is basically two mittens sewn together – just don’t forget she needs two arms!


After I cut out the shape of the body I used felt to make the teeth, eyes and pink bow. Obviously you could make a little boy snow monster and opt out of the bow. I sewed on the little accessories by hand before I put the body together.

photo 3 (1)

To give it a little mouth just pull the fabric up over the bottom edge of the teeth and sew it in place. I did that with the machine and because the fabric is so fuzzy you can’t even tell!

photo 1 (1)

At this point we’re going to divert from what I actually did because I did it the hard way. Put the right sides of the fabric together and cut a line in the bottom portion for legs. Starting at the side of the head sew around the monster, leaving a hole at the top where you will put the stuffing in.

Flip the monster inside out and pack in enough stuffing to make her soft but sturdy. Remember that hole in the top of her head? Sew that up by hand, folding the edges in and using a blind stitch.


Ta da! Congratulations! You have your very own snow monster!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

One thought on “Snow Monster

  1. This little creation is adorable!! I love that you traced your hand – makes it more personal as she heads down to Honduras! I hope she doesn’t mind the heat!

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