Love Calendar

Welcome to a new month!

This is a quick post all about love ❤ Kudos to The Dating Divas for this idea – they are genius! They posted a “Love Calendar” for August and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

What I love about it is that the calendar isn’t impossible. Some nights it says “She gets a foot massage” or “Leave him a love note on the mirror” and that’s it — easy. No one has time for extravagant dates every night and this calendar acknowledges that reality.

Originally I wanted to follow this calendar and post about it in September, creating a Love Calendar for September for y’all to print. However, I realized that it might be a little weird for the entire world to know about each and every one one of the dates I go on with Mr.Layland. So I scratched that idea.

I also thought – what’s the point of me making a calendar to share when I know not everyone wants to do the same dates as me?! So here’s the new plan:


I’m making my own calendar &  keeping it a secret!

Why not make your own? This way you can plan this month full of things you want to do! If you’ve been wanting to have a picnic – throw it on there! If you’ve been wanting to watch a foreign film – plan it! If you always mean to leave little notes and forget every time – schedule it for a day and make sure you remember!

Here is the printable version for my blank LOVE CALENDAR you can use to get started. Remember, this is all about love – not spending your last dime. Don’t forget to add things like my Take-Your-Pick date using coupons or an All-Day date including errands you would rather do together! As always, going on a walk together, giving each other back massages, going to bed early to talk and cuddle, and going along with that movie he loves but you hate – are always good ideas too!

If you’re looking for quick ideas consider writing a love note and leaving it in his car, texting him during the day just to say “I love you!” or sending him the link to a love song that is special to the two of you. I’m sure you’ll brighten his day!

That’s life with Mr.Layland & Me!

4 thoughts on “Love Calendar

    • Thanks for commenting Tara! You can expect a mini-update in the next few days! Don’t forget about the promised review I’ll post in September about our Month of Love 🙂 I’ll include several date ideas in that post.

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