Double-Double Date

Dating your spouse or significant other is a blast, right? Sometimes I feel this pain of guilt because we basically never spend time with anyone else. Who would want to when you’re married to your favorite person!?

If you’ve felt that guilt and want to do something about it then read on!

The other couple for our date was actually Mr. Layland’s parents 🙂 Every now and then we’ll all play a game together but we tend to get so caught up in the game that there really isn’t a lot of conversation. For whatever reason, the strongest desire to “bond” came over me and resulted in this Double-Double Date.


As always – you can alter this idea to make it your own!

We invited them to meet us in the kitchen at 6 o’clock on a Saturday. Around 5:30 I started making pizza dough. By the time everyone gathered I was a hot mess. There I was in the kitchen, pressing out pizza dough, probably covered in flour and trying to command the troops. Luckily my troops consisted of three other people.

I baked the crust while Mrs. Layland Sr made the Jello No-Bake Cheesecake. This is important! Take the time to think ahead and make sure you won’t be overflowing  the oven or stove. I did a no-bake dessert so we wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Each couple added on the toppings they wanted to their pizza and they were done in 10 minutes!. Whatever you do – make sure you put down like four hot pads or trivets so you don’t heat stain your mother-in-law’s special solid oak table. Not that that happened.

We ate dinner together and had a lovely time just catching up and talking about the latest. We shared stories and memories and had a great time just relaxing together.

After dinner we cleared the table for Double-Double Trivia!!!!


I made it up 🙂

The idea for this game was inspired by the trivia game played on Friends between Rachel/Monica and Chandler/Joey. Our game was just for fun though. Everyone kept their own living space.

The categories are: WhatIfTrueFalse1FavoriteThings1, and DatingHistory2. Like I said, I always want you to be able to make these ideas your own so here is a customizable LighteningRound1 for you! Print these out and rank the questions on the blank side with their point values.

We finished the game in about an hour and had a blast! I thought because they were Mr. Layland’s parents they would have an easier time of it but we actually ended up winning!!! And we learned a lot about Mr. Layland’s parents 🙂

After the game we wrapped up the evening by eating way too many mini no-bake cheesecakes! Mmmm….

That’s life with Mr. Layland and Me!

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