Ring Holder

I love baking and making homemade pizza but both can be pretty messy. After I got engaged to Mr. Layland I quickly learned that the window sill above the sink is not the best place to keep my ring while I work my magic in the kitchen.

This DIY Ring Holder can be transferred from the kitchen to the bathroom or you can make one for both. It’s up to you!


I like having mine in the bathroom sometimes too because I don’t like the idea of soap and face wash chemicals on my ring. I’m a little obsessed with cleaning my ring so I also use this holder to dry it a cleaning. It comes in really handy.

It’s really simple to make & you can make it according to your style so it’s exactly what you want! I got this small frame at Hobby Lobby for less than $5. I had the white lace and pin on hand. It took me about 10 minutes to put this together.

photo 3(2)

Most frames come with a fake picture or a paper inside. Lay the lace (or patterned paper) over the insert and cut it to fit. Put the lace and insert back in the frame.

This won’t work if the frame has a glass cover. This one came with a plastic cover which was perfect. Use the pin to poke a hole in the upper middle section where you will eventually secure the pin. Remember your ring needs room to hang!

photo 4(2)

Using wire cutters (or not your Mother’s best scissors) cut about 1/2 inch off the pin. Poke the pin into the hole and make sure it’s really secured in there. You might have to play with the angle a little bit to make sure your ring will stay on.


There you have it! A super cute and safe place to keep your ring while you bake or wash your hands or take a shower! Sometimes Mr.Layland will put his ring on it too – but only when mine is already hanging there. It’s really precious ❤

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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