Not Your Mother’s Zipper Pouch

I started sewing with my mother when I was a teenager but it’s been a while since I’ve taken on a project. In the middle of college what non-fashion-design student has time to sew? Or a sewing machine, for that matter.

The woman I nanny for has been sewing up a storm in order to open her Etsy shop, Rykie B’s. It’s actually thanks to her that I had the guts to try anything with a zipper!


This is the very first zipper I’ve ever done. I’ve never attempted it because it looks so complicated. If I can do it – you can too! Trust me!

I got the in-person tutorial the other morning at work because Tara has been making these adorable wet bags. Her fabric is the cutest and they’re super functional.

In addition to getting her to show me the ropes I also followed this online tutorial by Reasons to Skip the Housework. I’m glad I did because I almost had an inside-out zipper pouch! Measure twice, cut once — and always double check the picture before you sew!


When I bought this fabric it was on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I had no idea what I was going to do with it. That was six months ago and I’m really glad I hung onto it!

One thing the tutorial doesn’t exactly clarify is that the top stitch needs to go through both the lining and the outer fabric. The zipper is already sewn in at that point but the top stitch helps to secure the lining down so it doesn’t get caught in the zipper.

The next project I want to try is an adaption on this — a laptop case. Stay tuned!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

2 thoughts on “Not Your Mother’s Zipper Pouch

  1. Wait!! Your title is confusing… shouldn’t it say, “This IS my mother’s zippered pouch”? (Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to meee 🙂

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