Make-It-Your-Own Movie Night

Raise your hand if you like movies!

I love movies but lately I’ve turned into a 95-year-old woman and fall asleep around 9:30 if we’re watching something. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. I designed this date to be more than a night where you just watch a movie together and call it a day.

I checked out To Kill A Mockingbird from the library (check your library for a DVD section!) because Mr. Layland had never seen it. I know, I know. Not sure how he’s made it this far in life without it but I think I got to him in time.

Since the movie is told from the perspective of Scout, the 6 year-old girl, I decided to gather up some childhood themed treats for us to enjoy while we watched it.

When I bought those Kool-Aid Burst drinks I automatically felt like I should be sitting at the popular table in 5th grade 🙂 I wonder if they’re still cool. They’re only $1 for six so if they are still cool, popularity is much cheaper now.

I was crazy about Muddy Buddies as a kid and luckily we had some on hand! Same with the pudding cups. I seriously scored with my timing. I had everything I needed!

As for the smoothies, when I was a kid I was convinced that if I wanted a treat all I had to do was make enough to share with my parents and they would be so thrilled with my offering that I could then eat the rest. I have to say my smoothie making skills have come a LONG way since I was 10 so these were actually really delicious!

Sorry Mom & Dad, pretty sure those smoothies were mostly juice, yogurt & sugar 🙂

I wish I could say I managed to stay awake for the whole movie but alas, I still fell asleep. In my defense I did make it past 9:30!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!

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