A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday at work I came up with a fantastic date idea. It’s ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane’ wedding themed date! I got the idea for the outfit choice from an anniversary date idea blog. Mr. Layland & I have been married for 7 months on Sunday so our 1st anniversary is still a few months away.

This idea would be better suited for an anniversary but I’m not the best at waiting when I come up with something fun to do. So we did it and had a great time!

I printed out a Welcome Home sign along with a description of two date ideas, one of which was this “Darling Date”. I set out a grey suit in the upstairs bathroom along with the tie Mr. Layland wore on our wedding day. He texted me his date choice (luckily it was this brand new date idea) while he was getting ready so I jumped into my wedding dress and forgot that it takes two people to actually zip into it. Ooops!

I had him come downstairs to help me and surprised him then with my outfit for the night. It was actually a really sweet moment ❤ Once I got situated in my dress we headed off to the Chick-fil-a drive thru! The high school kid at the window smiled when he saw my dress as if to say “Well! I know what story I’ll be telling all MY friends later!” As he gave Mr. Layland back his card he failed to suppress a huge smile as he asked, “So uhh…what are you guys up to tonight?” I giggled and Mr. Layland smiled and coughed a little then responded, “Oh ya know, just hanging out.”

Like this is a thing people do.

We took our dinner to the 5th level of a parking garage to look out at the city lights and take some pictures. I love the lights at night here. I haven’t spent much time outside since I moved to Arizona because of the heat but last night was lovely.

On our wedding day we stopped to take a walk around a park before the family luncheon so we drove there and recreated our walk. It was a nice chance to talk about the past 6 months and our feelings and expectations for the future. I can’t believe almost 7 months have gone by since that day we got married!

We both agreed we love each other more now than on our wedding day and I expect that love will continue to grow ❤

When we got home I made double chocolate fudge brownies and we watched Guys & Dolls. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and some good entertainment to finish off a wonderful and memorable night!

That’s life with Mr. Layland & Me!


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